About Us

The Meddicate, Inc. Story

MEDDICATE, INC. has been active since 2000 and is currently headquartered in Irvine, California. Our flagship location is also supported by our agencies for international medical companies. As a professional supplier and manufacturer of medical equipment and healthcare products, we adhere to the principle “Professionalism leads to satisfaction.”

Our Vision

For the past 25 years our products as well as our partners’ products have sold to over 45 countries via local agents, business partners, and international distribution partners. As a reliable global presence in the healthcare industry, MEDDICATE also engages in turn-key projects to expand the availability of certain medical products to customers in need.

MEDDICATE’s growth is largely derived from our carefully planned and expertly implemented supply-chain model, which has allowed us to establish an international presence within the distribution and manufacturing sector of medical equipment and supplies. The other most crucial aspect of our growth is our extensive marketing experience within the medical device industry. Thanks to local and international agent cooperation as well as effective communication strategy via web development, lead generation, and social media, MEDDICATE has successfully established a reputable presence in the healthcare industry.

Our History

MEDDICATE’s journey as a medical device manufacturer and distributor began with an initial collection featuring a product line of ECG, Patient Monitoring and Ultrasonic Diagnostic Systems. Anesthesia machines and ventilators were developed soon after and introduced to market. As the company advanced in growth, the Solace and Ventilator Pavane series of anesthesia machines were launched, as well as syringe and infusion pumps.

Since its founding, MEDDICATE has strived to offer the best customer service paired with abundant experience, which contributes to our excellent commercial reputation across the globe. We take pride in aligning ourselves with healthcare professionals seeking a compliant, cost-effective resource for medical equipment and supplies.

Our Staff

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is divided into several units according to their area of expertise. The skillsets and sincere efforts of our team allow us to maintain a prestigious foothold in the medical service domain. We also provide regular training sessions for our team members to enhance and maintain their knowledge.

Our team consists of:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Skilled workers
  • Quality Control personnel
  • Warehouse experts
  • Sales and Marketing experts