Meddicate Inc. is registered in the U.S Food & Drug Administration “U.S FDA” with a registration number 3015260210,


Meddicate Inc. and its products are registered with the International Organization for Standardization “ISO”


The MEDDICATE INC LOGO is registered trademark of MEDDICATE INC. No. 10468218854 (04/2018)


The Company undertakes to:

  • Market products in compliance with applicable technical and legal standards;
  • manage the risks associated with the use of the products and check the efficacy of the corresponding process;
  • comply with domestic, regional and local laws, regulations and rules
  • abide by the voluntary regulations and the prescriptive documents established by the company (manuals, procedures, externally-originated documents, etc.);
  • manage safety and the protection of workers’ health as an integral part of the general management of the company, involving all the personnel, including through training and learning, namely the commitment to a reasonable and constant improvement of health and safety conditions so as to prevent and reduce occupational accidents and diseases;
  • improve its organizational structure, striving for enhancement and awareness-raising among human resources;
  • manage human resources in accordance with the criteria of transparency, ethics and social responsibility;
  • satisfy the requirements of the Quality System and maintain their effectiveness over time, in order to obtain and maintain the lasting success and satisfaction of all the parties involved;
  • re-assess and continuously improve its Quality and Safety management systems, introducing elements that can provide sufficient guarantees of control also in conditions of high variability caused by external conditions;
  • collaborate with suppliers, Entities and Administrations, Guarantors and trade unions for the management of issues connected with the health and safety of all the parties concerned, who attend or may attend the workplace;
  • protect the environment for all matters pertaining thereto, fostering this principle also toward the parties concerned;
  • Continually upgrade its image with respect to customers, users and in-house personnel;
  • promote corporate innovation, constantly identifying future technological requirements and resources;
  • spread the Policy, strategy and principles of its management systems so as to involve the parties concerned in attaining pre-set objectives;
  • update its policy and relevant strategies as necessary.